About scottie Public Affairs

Founded in 2015, Scottie Public Affairs offers a range of communications services to corporate, non-profit, and political clients in Pennsylvania and across the country. We help clients navigate the media, create their brand, tell their best story, fight for ink in crowded environments, and connect with audiences who matter most. 

Why are we called “scottie?”

Scotties are known for being smart, loyal, scrappy, and tenacious. The team at Scottie Public Affairs is no different and we pride ourselves in delivering results for our clients. Also, Abigail's family is Scottish and her grandmother had a beloved Scottie when she was young, so the name Scottie is a nod to her ancestry. 

Scottie Public Affairs founder and owner, Abigail Gardner

Scottie Public Affairs founder and owner, Abigail Gardner

About Abigail Gardner

Bitten by the campaign bug in 2004, she worked on campaigns in '06, '08, '10 (with some special elections in between). She also worked in the communications office of the Governor of New York in '07-'08, and as a Communications Director for a Congressional office from '09-'11.

In 2011, Abigail left Capitol Hill and joined the award-winning public affairs firm, SKDKnickerbocker in its Washington, D.C. office. At SKDKnickerbocker, Abigail worked with issue-advocates, trade associations, high-profile individuals, corporate and political clients. After four years at SKDK, moved home to Pittsburgh and started her own strategic communications firm, Scottie Public Affairs. Serving clients locally and nationally, she now assists advocacy organizations, non-profits, foundations, and corporate clients on their communications needs.

About Brett Scruton

Brett’s adventures have taken him from his home state of Alaska, down to Oregon, and now “out east” to Pennsylvania where he now works as an associate for Scottie Public Affairs.

After insistence from a teacher who was worn down from haggling grades, Brett became a competitive debater through high school and college, leading to an affinity for policy and persuasion. Following graduation, he became a news writer for sites including Mic and Digital Journal before moving out to western Pennsylvania to pursue a Master’s of Public and International Affairs degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Completing his graduate education, Brett stayed in the region (and hometown to his favorite sports teams) and began working on local political campaigns, opening the door to his current role with Scottie Public Affairs.