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Where Strategy Meets Tenacity

Since 2015, Scottie Public Affairs has offered strategic communications advice to corporate, non-profit, and political clients in Pennsylvania and across the country. We help clients navigate the media, tell their best story, fight for ink in crowded environments, and connect with their key audiences through every channel: from podcasts to print, apps to advertisements, we work in every medium. 

Abigail Gardner, owner and founder 

Abigail's entire career has been centered around telling the stories of her candidates and clients to the audiences that matter. 

Bitten by the campaign bug in 2004, she swore every cycle that it was her last but continued to work in the press and communications offices of several campaigns in '06, '08, '10 (with some appearances on special elections in between). Later as a consultant, and through her capacity a board member of Emerge Pennsylvania, she continues to work with candidates up and down the ballot on everything from designing a persuasive message to debate prep, on-camera training to social media, and much more.

In 2011, she left Capitol Hill and joined the award-winning public affairs firm, SKDKnickerbocker in its Washington, D.C. office. After four years at SKDK, she left to move home to Pittsburgh and start her own strategic communications firm, Scottie Public Affairs. Serving clients locally and nationally, she now assists advocacy organizations, non-profits, foundations, corporate clients, authors, and candidates. Read her full bio here.

Check out Our Services for more details on what we offer, and our case studies to see some of the wins we've achieved for our clients. 


Why Pittsburgh?

Because we're from here!

Abigail's family has lived in Pittsburgh for five generations. She graduated from the University of Virginia and spent a decade working in New York City and Washington, D.C., but Pittsburgh was undoubtedly always home. 

And while Scottie Public Affairs can only have one physical headquarters, aka "The Greatest City in the World," we happily serve clients all over the country.

Why Scottie?

Scotties are known for being smart, loyal, scrappy, and tenacious. The team at Scottie Public Affairs is no different. Also, Abigail's family is Scottish and her grandmother had a beloved Scottie when she was young, so the name Scottie is a nod to her ancestry. 

Abigail's grandmother, Ella Mae, with her Scottie, Jacques.

Abigail's grandmother, Ella Mae, with her Scottie, Jacques.

Abby will go to the mat for her candidates and clients, and she’s the type of person you want on your team. She’ll give you smart, honest advice, and she has political instincts that can’t be taught. She is an absolute terrier.
—Dan McNally, DSCC Political Director