The Backstory

Authors pour everything into their work. So when an author turns to Scottie to publicize their book, we are sure to bring as much passion to the project. Scottie has been honored to work with several prominent authors on national publicity tours to help promote their books. Writing and book-selling also runs in our family: Abigail's husband used to work in book publishing, her mom and step-dad own a small, independent book store, and her step-brother is a writer... so she has some extra empathy for writers and insights into the publishing industry. 

 Some of the books that Scottie Public Affairs has helped publicize.

Some of the books that Scottie Public Affairs has helped publicize.

Scottie collaborates with authors and publishing teams to manage book tours and maximize publicity. We've worked with nationally-recognized authors on all elements of their book tours: readings; book parties; television, print, and radio interviews; social media engagement; and more.

We've booked our clients on national radio programs like The Diane Rehm Show and The Takeaway, as well as local radio programs from California to Texas to Pennsylvania and beyond. We've arranged author interviews with Elle magazine and Bloomberg media. Scottie has placed author op-eds in the Washington Post and organized interviews for authors with local public affairs and talk shows across the country.

And no book launch can rely on earned media alone: we offer strategic advice for messaging and the overall tour, and design and execute social media campaigns to support book launches. 

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