Successful editorial placements for past and current clients by Abigail Gardner include such publications as the New York Times Magazine, Vogue, The Oprah Magazine, Ms. magazine, Washington Life, and More, to name a few.

Who it's For

Candidates, CEOs, and organizational leaders are often in need media training.

This service is for anyone who is receiving or going to receive media attention, wanted or unwanted, and needs to clearly articulate his or her desired message. If an organization is going through a rebrand or just welcomed a new executive director, media training is an important tool in the toolbox to make sure you're clearly and consistently communicating the right message. Scottie also offers debate and public speaking prep services, which draw from the same elements as media training. 

What's the process?

Come on in to our media training studio to learn on-camera tricks and practice realistic interview, debate, and speech scenarios. 

We always tell our clients to never go into an interview without knowing what they want to get out of it. It's critical to have a well developed message and strategy for delivering it before you go in to interviews, so the first thing is for us to review your previous interviews and messaging materials that have already been created. Are you happy with those messages or do they need to be updated? Refining your message is part of this process and we're happy to work with you in advance of your training on making sure your message is up to snuff. 

Then we invite clients in for a half day of in-studio work. Afterwards, we'll deliver your on-camera clips to you so you can see how you did and remember what you still want to work on. We'll also update any messaging materials that we collaborate on so you can keep perfecting that stump speech, opening statement, elevator pitch, or interview answer. 

 We can arrange our studio to mirror a press conference, debate, sit-down or stand-up interview so you can have the most realistic practice scenario.

We can arrange our studio to mirror a press conference, debate, sit-down or stand-up interview so you can have the most realistic practice scenario.

What will we review?

We will practice how to look natural on camera, and how to stay on message (without sounding robotic).

Once we're clear on your top messages and supporting arguments, we can carry out practice interviews and prepare you for a range of scenarios, from friendly to hostile in our in-house studio. Our studio can be arranged to mimic the experience of an on-camera debate, public speech, sit-down or stand-up interview. We'll review tips and tricks for public speaking and media interviews, and if you're not sure what to wear on camera, we can do a wardrobe consultation too. 

If you're going to be on camera, the tone and mannerisms that accompany your message are critical. Maya Angelou said: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” and that pearl of wisdom is especially true if you are going to be on television. The feelings you convey during your interview or in a debate will stay with the audience longer than the words you say, so it is critical to practice not just the words on paper by the style and tone of delivery.