Since we launched in 2015, Scottie Public Affairs has been thrilled to work with dozens of clients. We thank the following clients for their business and continued support! 

  • US Water Alliance and the Value of Water Coalition
  • Infrastructure Week
  • Transportation for America
  • SAP Ariba
  • Evoqua
  • Building America's Future
  • SKDKnickerbocker
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Ideo
  • Gallup
  • The Pittsburgh Foundation - Center for Philanthropy
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Advocate and Attorney Sandra Fluke
  • Author Nancy L. Cohen
  • Author and President of Sojourners, Rev. Jim Wallis
  • Iovino for Congress Campaign
  • Tarasi for Congress Campaign
  • Erika Strassburger for Pittsburgh City Council
  • Pittsburgh Women's Center & Shelter 
  • Pennsylvania SDCC and Heather Arnet for State Senate
  • Emerge Pennsylvania 
  • New Leadership Council - Pittsburgh
  • Leadership Development Initiative - a program of Leadership Pittsburgh
  • Ready to Run - Chatham University, Pennsylvania Center for Women in Politics

Our Portfolio

Political candidates & Pacs

We've worked with candidates up and down the ballot, including candidates running for state legislator, statewide and federal office, as well as Political Action Committees. Telling your story to voters is one of the most important elements of a successful campaign, so we work with candidates to craft their best narrative and test their messages to be as effective as possible. Through the press, social media, and paid media we'll help get the word out about your campaign to voters. 

advocacy groups & coalitions

Sometimes groups need an extra boost to get the word out about their issue, or help to change the tide of public perception on a particular topic. We've worked with advocates from organizations large and small to better tell their story to the audiences that matter the most. When a big marketing budget is out of the question but you need to raise awareness of your issue, our strategic communications and press relations services can be the answer.  

Start-ups & Corporations

If your business needs help getting on the map, we've worked with start-ups that are pushing the envelope and navigating uncharted waters. We've also helped more established corporate clients deal with potentially tricky public affairs situations. Typical services for start-ups and corporations include media training for CEOs and spokespeople, event planningwriting op-eds, and pitching press

Public officials & Thought Leaders

We've worked with public officials and high-profile individuals in need of strategic communications advice and press relations. If you hold office, lead an organization, or have found yourself in the spotlight for some other reason, we can help you refine your best messages, pivot from defense to offense, and prepare for public speaking and press interviews. 

Foundations and non-profits often are need some outside expertise on strategic communications plans and a creative partner for collaboration on projects from videos to campaign rollouts. We can offer both, as well as trainings to build capacity with internal staff at organizations on topics such as social media, press relations, and media training. 

Foundations &