Who it's For

Strategic communications plans are for start-ups, advocacy groups, campaigns, non-profits, and corporate clients. Any organization that wants to get noticed or is in need of a messaging refresh can benefit from a strategic communications plan.

If you need to raise the profile of an issue or realign a message that is adrift, you need a holistic and strategic plan. A good plan will give your organization a clear framework for messaging and communicating with your most important audiences. Working together, we will establish your unique communications objectives, build a message that is concise, flexible, and effective, and then create an actionable plan.

what we do

First we need to establish the foundation of the plan: your communications objectives. Why are you communicating? What do you want to accomplish through communications? 

Once those objectives are clearly defined, we will identify the audiences you need to influence. Pinning down exactly who it is you need to influence, persuade, or neutralize is critical to successful communications. Once we know your objectives and audiences, we will develop your strongest, most persuasive messages and train your messengers to deliver them clearly.

You will walk away with a plan that includes a message deck, an editorial calendar, and a tactical plan for communicating across all the platforms that you need in order to reach your target audiences.

We've worked with budgets at every price point, so we are sensitive to producing a plan that is realistic for you. Your plan will be designed to match you and your staff's bandwidth and capacity, and meet your budget. That plan can be designed for your team to implement or, if you prefer, for Scottie Public Affairs to execute.