Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram... Scottie has used them all, but that doesn't mean you need to. In fact, your most important audience is probably best reached through just two or three platforms. We can help devise a focused strategy for engagement and a content plan to make your social media outreach effective and efficient. We can also help build simple websites, sometimes known as micro-sites, to be a digital home base for your campaign.

Social Media & Micro-sites


If press ever shows up on your doorstep for the wrong reasons, Team Scottie has extensive crisis communications experience. From corporate conflicts to negative press for candidates, we have been next to clients in the middle of a media storm and can guide you through to calmer waters.


In an increasingly crowded media landscape, live events are an important way to directly communicate with the audiences that you care about most. We've worked with clients to plan receptions, red carpet openings, forums, rallies, and panel discussions, as well as press conferences and on-location press tours. From initial planning stages through game day, we can help you execute a flawless public event.

TRAINING & workshops

Team Scottie has created training modules to help communications professionals and those who need to understand communications brush up on skills, including: "Rules of Engagement with Reporters," "How to Craft a Winning Pitch," "Social Media 101 and Beyond," "Planning a Successful Event," and more. We can lead small group bootcamps for a department or one-on-one coaching sessions. Trainings are perfect for organizations with small communications departments or staff that are unfamiliar with some evolving communication platforms. Scottie has delivered presentations on communications topics to large audiences and conferences. 


Press releases, letters to the editor, newsletters, op-eds, blogs, social media posts... We've written countless of pieces of content for clients and can be hired on a per project basis for your needs. Recent pieces written on behalf of clients have appeared in the Washington Post, TIME, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Hill, and more. Contact us for writing samples. 

We know small businesses because we are one.  A lot of friends have called Scottie Public Affairs over the years, looking for some nuts and bolts guidance on how to go from idea to business. And sometimes they want assistance on thinking through their own message, description of services, branding, and professional website. We take those inquiries as a compliment! Scottie can help with the basic communications services to get a small business off the ground. 

small business services