The Next Chapter of Scottie Public Affairs

Hello dear readers! Today I’m writing to you with quite happy news.

I launched Scottie Public Affairs in July of 2015 with a few goals. I wanted to work on projects I’m passionate about, I wanted to provide excellent service to my clients, and I wanted to do it from my hometown of Pittsburgh.

After a successful eight months, I’m so pleased to share that Scottie is ready to start its next chapter. I’ve moved my office out of my home and into an office building in downtown Pittsburgh. Scottie will be sharing an office with SPB Strategies, a leading political fundraising firm that’s been established in Pittsburgh a few years longer than Scottie. Scottie is also sharing an employee with SPB, bringing our grand employee total up to 1.5!

I actually enjoyed having a home office much more than I expected, but the move into a downtown office building is important for a few reasons. Primarily, I wanted to build a proper media training space, which was not possible at the home office. It will be a lot of fun to unveil that space to you when it is ready. Pictures coming soon!


Also, while I’ve been thrilled to return home to Pittsburgh, all of my clients continue to be based elsewhere. I’ve enjoyed advising the Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter and Center on a pro-bono basis, and joining the board of Emerge Pennsylvania, but the next step is to work with more clients in Pittsburgh. Having a convenient office downtown is definitely going to help with that.

And the last reason is totally personal. I like our apartment a lot, but with my office taking up one of the rooms, we didn’t have enough space for a guest room. And since I want to encourage friends from afar to come visit this glorious City of Champions, freeing up a section of the apartment to create a guest room seemed like a worthwhile trade off.

So that is my big update! More changes and chapters to come in 2016, for sure, and I look forward to updating you about all of that exciting news here. Thanks for reading!