Time for an upgrade: Scottie unveils its new media training space

A couple of months ago, I gave you the heads up that I was moving Scottie’s office out of my house to downtown Pittsburgh, and I’m very pleased to now report that Scottie 2.0 is coming along swimmingly.

One of the things driving my move was my interest in building a media training studio for clients. I’ve realized, it’s one thing to tell people that I “do” strategic communications, but that doesn’t always translate without a tangible thing to show people. Creating a space where clients can practice for speeches, interviews, debates, or other important moments that require public speaking was an obvious solution.

So… welcome to my new space! The media training room is all set and ready for your pressing public speaking needs. I’m so excited to offer this unique communications service for CEOs, candidates, executive directors and others who are looking to hone their public speaking and press skills.


If you know someone who just took over an organization and needs to get comfortable with the message, or a group that is looking to create and refine a new message, this can be a great space to practice. If you’re a candidate who needs to perfect her stump speech or practice in a quiet place away from the office before a debate, come on over. Or if you have a big interview, speech, or just want a place free of distractions to kick the tires on a messaging challenge, I’m here for you.


You know how to reach me. Looking forward to seeing you soon!