The backstory

In 2015, Scottie client, the Value of Water Campaign, decided to organize an event that every water and wastewater agency and like-minded advocacy group could participate in as a way to raise awareness about the often invisible water infrastructure crisis. We called it Imagine a Day Without Water.

The message of the Value of Water Campaign is that the nation's water resources are essential, at risk, and worthy of investment. There are thousands of water and wastewater agencies across the country, and it is often a very fragmented sector. But there are common problems that are affecting countless communities' water systems, and that was what we wanted to address. 

The Value of Water Campaign has 34 members, and in that first year we set a goal of having 50 groups participate — 185 groups signed up. In 2016, it was more than 500. In 2017, it was 750. In 2018, 1,100.  Across the country, breweries, water utilities, cafes, aquariums, schools, and many more joined together to educate America about the value of water.

We hired Abby to help with education and profile-raising for our ‘Value of Water’ campaign, and she has been an incredible partner. She hit the ground running, learned our issue in no time and brings energy, focus and fresh ideas to everything she does.
— Radhika Fox, CEO US Water Alliance

What we did

Since 2015, Scottie managed the Imagine a Day Without Water communications effort, from soup to nuts. From web and graphic design, to drafting collateral materials, Scottie generated ideas, created a plan, managed staff and consulting teams, and executed the plan for the Value of Water Campaign. 

  • We drafted website content and materials for participants, including a message deck, talking points, ideas on how to participate, a template op-ed, and a template press release for use by any participant. Providing easy to use "plug-and-play" material was key to our success.

  • We produced videos that were shared and viewed thousands of times on social media.

  • We created a call-to-action petition, demanding elected officials prioritize investment in water infrastructure. The petition generated over 1,500 signatures.

  • We wrote op-eds that ran in leading outlets, including in The Hill.

  • We worked with radio booking specialists Lyons PR to create television and radio media tours that reach millions viewers and listeners through dozens of interviews with local news programs.

  • Our hashtag, #ValueWater, received millions of social media impressions.